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Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room – Garrick Theatre

In an outfit that gives the Strictly glitter ball a run for its money, Katherine Ryan has brought her Glitter Room tour to London’s Garrick Theatre for a month-long residence. I first saw this show at the Reading Hexagon back in the Spring and it’s a delight to see it again in the intimacy of a Victorian West End theatre. Ryan offers a masterclass in audience interaction (her attempt to establish the relationship between one reticent couple in the front row becomes a running joke) and even second time round her acid humour has lost none of its fizz.

The Canadian comedian is often at her funniest when slipping into the cut glass British accent of her daughter Violet, whose sparkly bedroom gives the show its title. Ryan saves the best to last, however, with a musical anecdote about attending a performance of Hamilton in order to drive home her message: “Don’t fuck vulnerable women”. What a delight to see her singing Say No To This on an actual West End stage.

One notable difference to the Hexagon show was that none of the London audience on the night I was there took up Ryan’s invite to ask questions. Even Ryan looked a bit surprised before she brought the show to what felt like a premature end. Well done to the inquisitive people of Berkshire for stretching out the fun for an extra 20 minutes.